• Grind

    A collection of bold, high-impact Hip-Hop and EDM influenced trailer tracks brimming with swagger, featuring hard-hitting hybrid hits and edgy signature sound design, ideal for action or sports.

  • Arrival

    A collection of hybrid orchestral trailer tracks, featuring awe-inspiring orchestral themes combined with high-impact sound design to create truly heroic and epic drama.

  • Splinter

    A collection of bone-chilling horror and intense thriller tracks that creatively use organic sound design for a uniquely terrifying experience.

  • Reign

    A collection of dramatic Neoclassical trailer tracks, featuring live violin and cello performances fused with signature sound design for a contemporary, intriguing atmosphere.

  • Inspire: Positive Trailer FX

    An enormous collection of positive sound design elements for movie trailers, featuring powerful impacts, exhilarating whooshes, exciting risers, and more!

  • Dominion

    Dramatic and heroic Orchestral Hybrid trailer tracks that combine epic orchestra and awe-inspiring sound design with a touch of Hip-Hop attitude.

  • Upward

    Fun, uplifting, and positive Pop and Rock tracks, ideal for family adventure, romantic comedy, and contemporary feel-good fun.

  • Fearless

    Determined orchestra, pounding drums and pulsing synths build with dramatic tension, adventure and heroism in the face of ultimate danger.

  • Ion

    Futuristic, awe-inspiring Science Fiction tracks, featuring powerfully pulsing synths, cutting-edge sound design, and one-of-a-kind electronic percussion.

  • Rage

    Action-packed tracks powered by hard-hitting percussion, featuring booming beats, driving drums, and colossal crashes.

  • Iconic

    Celebrating 50 albums of epicness! An all-star roster of composers joins forces to create the quintessential ICON release: Powerful, epic, and uplifting cues in a variety of styles with relentless energy for a sound that's truly ICONIC.

  • Eternal

    Epic trailer tracks that combine grand orchestra and sweeping synths with ethereal vocals, unusual solo instruments, and otherworldly sound design, to create awe-inspiring drama.

  • Overdrive

    Powerful and bold Rock-infused trailer tracks, ranging from Indie Pop to Hard Rock, featuring driving guitars, epic drums, screaming synths, and fearless attitude.

  • Anarchy

    Continuing ICON's Artist Series, this second installment features dark, gritty soundscapes from Jaro Messerschmidt, Nik Reich and Maximilian Jaksch, some of Germany's most innovative film composers.

  • Renegades

    A collection of super-heroic orchestral hybrid tracks, blending modern cinematic orchestra with contemporary rock, urban, and electronic influences, resulting in a truly epic sound.

  • Abyss

    Hair-raising sound design and bleeding-edge synths fuse together to create one-of-a-kind Horror tracks. Contains a multitude of terrifying stand-alone sound FX, perfect for promos and trailers.

  • Awake

    Positive, pattern-based tracks that build momentum in a variety of uplifting and inspirational styles, from orchestral to electronic, pop, and indie.

  • Darkstar

    Futuristic synths and epic orchestra combine to create the ultimate Science Fiction trailer album, from serious and dark to awe-inspiring and heroic.

  • Epic Impacts 3

    A massive collection of modern edgy sound design elements, including devastating impacts, dramatic risers, abyssal downers, gripping swells and high-energy transitions that quickly grab the audience's attention. Perfect for explosive action, epic sci-fi and haunting horror.

  • Torrent

    Massive orchestral sounds, high-octane synths, and heart-pounding percussion combine with cutting-edge sound design to create the ultimate trailer album. Bursting with dramatic, intense energy.

  • United

    Positive, uplifting tracks that inspire through powerful and epic messages of harmony, support, and encouragement. Humanity comes together to work towards the greater good.

  • Powercore

    High-octane, hard-hitting electro action! Raw aggressive synths collide with powerful driving beats, epic impacts and earth-shattering FX. Perfect for modern action, extreme sports, and science fiction.

  • Supreme

    Powerful hybrid orchestral music for sports and competition trailers, promos, and advertising. Underscores everything from the brutal hits of an epic heavyweight title fight to the extreme speed of auto racing to an athlete's dramatic backstory.

  • Ascend

    Highly positive and uplifting tracks in a variety of contemporary Pop and Rock styles, featuring bright, feel-good sounds, anthemic themes, and soaring melodies.

  • Zenith

    Introducing ICON’s Artist Series. This first installment in the series features epic trailer music from Emmy Award-winning composer Frederik Wiedmann. The album combines grand orchestra with powerful drums and edgy, modern synths to create sweeping, majestic, and legendary drama.

  • Heroes

    Energetic hybrid tracks fusing Hip-Hop and Urban grooves with epic symphony orchestra and electronics. Brash, confident and full of powerful swagger.

  • Evolution

    Powerful, edgy and unexpected, these ear-catching tracks blend contemporary synths and sound design with live orchestra and solo instruments to create an epic collection of action-packed surprises.

  • Epic Impacts 2

    A comprehensive collection of cutting-edge musical sound design, featuring explosive hits, surging risers, monstrous downers, exciting swells and driving pulses alongside fully composed, attention-grabbing transitions. Ideal for epic action, futuristic sci-fi and terrifying horror.

  • Neverworld

    Exciting and energetic orchestral tracks featuring sweeping, whimsical and imaginative adventure themes. Specifically crafted for family-friendly trailers, promos, ads and programming.

  • Elevate

    Uplifting and inspirational themes in a variety of contemporary styles push forward with heroic power, driving emotions with motivational determination.

  • Delirium

    From dark and creepy to downright terrifying, these otherworldly horror and thriller tracks feature unique sound design, promising never-before-heard sounds.

  • Rebellion

    Legendary superhero battles and futuristic space skirmishes, these dramatic sci-fi action trailer cues combine epic orchestra with cutting-edge synths and heart-pounding percussion.

  • Rise

    Powerful and energetic, these epic Trailer Rock tracks feature massive guitars, edgy beats, and anthemic hooks.

  • Xplosives

    An extensive collection of high-impact elements organized as an editor’s toolkit. Features shattering hits, edge-of-your-seat risers, monstrous downers, blasting alarms, ripping stabs and pounding pulses, all meticulously crafted for raw, highly explosive action and drama.

  • Monolith

    Dramatic and emotional trailer music that blossoms from intimate neo-classical minimalism into monumentally epic orchestral greatness.

  • Starfall

    Massively epic action cues that combine edgy synths and cutting-edge sound design with grand sweeping orchestra, creating an experience worthy of a superhero.

  • Arena

    Hard-hitting, percussion-driven action cues, with powerful drums, energetic synths, and aggressively huge rhythms, perfect for epic movie trailers or extreme sports.

  • Spark

    Emotionally uplifting and inspirational cues, combining contemporary pop influences with soaring, driving orchestral sounds.

  • Chain Reaction

    Relentlessly driving cues, each one built upon a strong and memorable motif, ramp up the action with edgy synths and hard-hitting percussion.

  • Defyance

    Powerful and heroic, these tracks forge contemporary pop sounds into trailer epicness, featuring dark as well as uplifting cues.

  • Enigma

    Epic and suspenseful, these contemporary film score tracks create intriguing mystery with emotional orchestra and edgy synths.

  • Dark Devices

    Haunting, mysterious, shocking and terrifying, this toolkit album features dark soundscapes and thunderous hits. All tracks are in the same key, and separately provided elements encourage mixing-and-matching between tracks for extraordinary flexibility.

  • Wired for War

    Heart-pounding and huge, these futuristic, fiery electronic action cues boil the blood with driving percussion, edgy synths, and epic orchestra.

  • Edge of the Aura

    Ethereal pads and nebulous synths meld together with contemporary film score elements to create ambient, cinematic soundscapes. ICON's Edge of the Aura is on the leading edge of dramatic cues.

  • Scene Setters (Dark)

    Set the scene with darkness, mystery, horror and intrigue. Scene Setters (Dark) features screaming synths and FX, sinister rock grooves and ominously foreboding soundscape intros.

  • Scene Setters (Light)

    Set the scene on a positive note with this collection of intros featuring warm cinematic ambience, bright acoustic pop and upbeat rock.

  • Rhythmic Collisions

    Ferocious percussion, heart-pounding risers and distorted electronics. Brooding tension explodes into fearsome chases and furious action with Rhythmic Collisions by ICON.

  • Cosmic Threat

    Big bangs, spacey synths, and futuristic flare-ups. Raw, rocket-fueled power thrusts science fiction into the stratosphere and beyond. The future of cinema is now with Cosmic Threat by ICON.

  • Epic Impacts

    A vast and meticulously organized collection of concussive crashes, electric explosions, and spacious surges. All the single hits, multi-hits, risers, swells, transitions and tools necessary for truly epic and impactful sound design.

  • The Essential Dubstep Toolkit

    Gritty glitches, weighty wobbles, grungy grooves and face-melting FX. A grab-bag of the best bits in Dubstep and electronic music for your endless editing pleasure. Includes full tracks for maximum impact, and clearly separated stems for simple reconstruction.